The goal of SFI Digital Food Quality (DigiFoods) is to develop smart, sensor-driven solutions that deliver the essential food quality information required for successful process optimisation and digitalization of the food industry.

Food processes are extremely complex and challenging to measure due to the inherent high level of biological variation in raw materials. The development of advanced solutions that are built on a fundamental understanding of food science, will allow the food industry to effectively measure and handle these variations, enabling a ground-breaking digital transformation of the industry.

The primary objective is to develop digital solutions for food quality assessment as cutting edge technological basis for optimal food value chains.

Seven Secondary objectives:

  1. Develop novel in-line sensor systems and applications for measuring critical food quality
  2. Develop automation and robotic solutions for enhanced sensor operations in process and in
  3. Develop solutions and strategies for successful sensor implementation in the food
  4. Develop data-driven strategies for process, product and value chain optimisation based on extensive food quality
  5. Build and transfer competence in industry and academia and educate master students, 9 PhDs and 3 post docs.
  6. Foster innovations, patents and spin out companies by the project partners from food industry, technology and
  7. Disseminate knowledge to the industrial sector, the research community, and to the general

DigiFoods will radically change food production by enabling optimisation, control and differentiation based on measurements of food quality. The results will lead to a more efficient and sustainable food industry, internationally competitive Norwegian technology companies, and enhanced knowledge transfer and researcher training. The DigiFoods objectives range from fundamental technology knowledge to practical industry and market implementations, which are equally important for achieving successful innovations. We aspire to bridge the gap between research and industry by building a strong, business-oriented research network of innovation-oriented companies, and national and international R&D institutions. These expected impacts are in line with the centre goals and the overall objectives for the SFI scheme.