Webinar: Developing and maintaining robust models for process analysis and control in food manufacturing

Free webinar on Thursday 16th June 2022, 12.30 – 15.45 (UK time)

Register here by 9th June

This free on-line event is presented jointly by CPACT, IRTA Monells and DigiFoods of which Nofima and SINTEF are leading members.

Mathematical modelling is a crucial part of effective process analysis and control in food manufacturing and processing. Development of robust models for quantitative analysis and process modelling is essential, with model maintenance a particular challenge. This symposium will focus on methodologies to aid model development and how these approaches are applied in food manufacturing. The presentations will be followed by a panel-led discussion to allow participants to ask questions and explore ideas in more detail.

The event will be of interest primarily to those involved in the development and application of advanced technologies for monitoring and control of food manufacturing but will also be relevant to those with similar interests in other industries, where developing and maintain robust models are equally important.

Aims of the event:
• Share awareness of advances in procedures for development of robust multivariate models
for quantitative process analysis and control technologies in food manufacturing
• Illustrate the value of robust model maintenance in practical applications
• Share good practice across process industry sectors

The program og more information: Food Event Flyer_June 2022