Annual report 2021

Scientist Anders Hansen at Sintef and Jens Petter Wold Centre director and senior scientist at Nofima are measuring strawberries in the field using a spectrometer. Photo/cc: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen/Nofima.

In this annual report we present the main work  and results achieved in 2021. In addition, we get to know some of the people who are important contributors to the progress of DigiFoods.

  • Brian Marquardt, founder and CEO of MarqMetrix, shares his views on how to create value based on state-ofthe-art Raman spectroscopy
  • We meet Bijay Kafle, a PhD-student from Nepal, who is working to take FTIR spectroscopy closer to in-line use in the food industry
  • We get to know post-doc Samuel Ortega Sarmiento who uses his background from hyperspectral imaging in the medical field to develop new methods for quality differentiation of seafood
  • We give a status of what the agricultural robot Thorvald did the last year and what he most likely will do in the future.

Digifoods annual report 2021