Smart sensors – Sustainable Foods

The front page of DigiFoods Annual Report 2020 shows Tiril Aurora Lintvedt, Ph.D at DigiFoods, testing a Raman probe.

The first DigiFoods annual report is here. SFI Digital Food Quality was established in October 2020.

In December, the Board approved the DigiFoods Working Plan for 2021, consisting of 10 research projects. The annual report provides a brief presentation of each of these research projects, and a short summary of activities started in 2020.

In each research project active partners from the three groups; food companies, technology providers and R&D institutions, participate. Together they will consider the needs and business cases, develop and evaluate technology, and hopefully implement and commercialize.

The projects cover all the objectives of the centre and span several essential research themes:

  • Sensor development
  • Robotic operation of sensors
  • Strategies for sensor implementation in industry
  • Process optimization.

A vital part of the centre is the engagement and education of PhD-students and post docs. DigiFoods is planning to have a total of nine PhD fellowships and three postdoctoral fellowships associated with our research over the lifetime of the centre.

We have defined suitable tasks for the seven scholarship holders who will work in DigiFoods from 2021, and six of them have already been recruited. We are looking forward to including them in the research projects and, thereby, securing the foundation for successful years ahead in the centre.